Thursday, 4 October 2012

If A Cloud Could Speak....Allah The Creator..

Everyone deserves water to drink, so shower your kindness on sinners and saints alike.

People will see different things in you: relief, or comfort, or a fearsome sign of a storm. Pay no attention to any of that; but do your job peacefully.

It’s a beautiful thing to provide shade on a hot day (to comfort those in distress).

You sometimes drift aimlessly, but by the will of Allah, you get in the right drift and current again.

Oppose evil with thunder and lightning, but with others be soft as cotton.

Not everything is what it seems: the darker the cloud, the more water it carries within, to cleanse the earth and bring new life.

Never forget, you are mainly made from water. Make sure to always replenish yourself with pure sustenance.

There’s a rainbow right behind the storm.

From Islamic Rays..

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